3 Reasons Why You Might Want To Make Nascar Your New Favorite Sport

18 September 2018
 Categories: Recreation & Sports, Blog


Are you getting tired of watching the same sports year after year? Looking for something new to give you an adrenaline rush when you turn on the television? If you're looking for something a little bit different, perhaps you should give NASCAR a try. Here are three reasons why NASCAR and race car driving in general might end up being your new favorite spectator sport.

Passionate Fans

NASCAR might not have as large of a fan base as some other sports, but the fans who are a part of the sport make up for it with their intense passion. When you're a hardcore NASCAR fan, you can identify every driver by the number of their car, check your favorite publication for NASCAR Cup Series news on a daily basis and generally make the sport a part of your daily life. Many new race car driving fans are often surprised to discover just how intense other fans can get, before getting swept up in it themselves.

Down to Earth Stars

If you're tired of watching your favorite athletes in other sports mouth off on social media or cause a problem off the field by getting arrested, you might be pleasantly surprised once you start taking a closer look at some of NASCAR's biggest stars. Sure, every sport, including NASCAR, is going to have a few bad apples, but in general, most fans will tell you that race car drivers have a down to Earth vibe, love engaging with their community and don't get into trouble away from the race track. NASCAR is often considered a family-friendly sport, with fans bringing their children along to watch the races, and for the most part, the stars behind the wheel do what they can to make the fans proud.

It's Safer Than You Think

If the reason you've stayed away from race car driving is because it just sounds awfully dangerous, you might be surprised to know the lengths to which NASCAR goes to make sure its drivers stay as safe as possible. Moving around the track at a high rate of speed will always come with risk, of course, but each car is reinforced with steel cages and other devices that work to keep the driver secure in the event of an impact. NASCAR also does not have issues with concussions, like so many contact sports these days that are getting more and more difficult to watch, like Australian rugby and American football.

If you're looking for a new spectator sport to watch, give NASCAR a try. NASCAR has an extremely passionate fan base, the drivers behind the wheel are often great role models for children and the safety technology is so advanced that significant injuries are few and far between. Start reading up on NASCAR Cup Series news today for more information.